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tarot readings & crystals

tarot cards are beautiful tools we can use to help bring clarity, guidance & insight into the very many situations &  issues we encounter in our everyday lives.  

tarot cards illuminate things that may right in front of our eyes but allows us to explore them with more focused intention & awareness.

i do not use tarot cards to predict the future but rather as tools that help facilitate conversations about exploring both current & future options & possibilities .  working with tarot cards is a creative way to seek guidance & direction & helps us attract the kind of energy we want to be calling into our lives.

tarot readings with me take place in a warm, loving, safe, judgement free environment where i hold space for you to explore yourself, your feelings, questions & any situations you may wish to seek guidance with.

visit my events page to see which local shops i'm currently doing readings at OR book a private party for your group. 

i am also available for readings via whatsapp

send me an email to schedule -

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