me:       suzanne pollack


phone:  978.535.1285

art was always the thing i wanted to do on the days when i could choose. 


it still is.


when I’m not creating, i like to be outside, with a dog (preferably mine). 

like to wander in the woods and see what’s beautiful (so much).  surrounded

by tree trunks and snowflakes, smooth stones and full moons – i’m inspired to

create.  it’s a not at all vicious cycle, and for me, it’s how art happens.


if i can create while outside, well that’s just about the loveliest thing ever. 


the artist who gave me my wings (and my first set of knitting needles) was

my grandmother, annette.  she showed me what was possible with some

paint, a blank canvas and a sense of fearlessness - and i’m pretty sure the

genes i got from her are just a tiny bit more beautiful.  sometimes i like to knit with

no purpose or end, just to see where the yarn takes me.  it usually brings me back to her. 


she was the artist I loved the most.  here are the ones i love that you may have actually heard of:

andy goldsworthy, antonio gaudi, alice neel, and henry moore


other things i like:  vegetables (even the ugly ones), dogs (there are no ugly ones), kneesocks, records and the shops that sell them,  farmers markets, new challenges (today: sign language).


i like to draw, knit, fire, and shape.  i like textures, colors, and patterns. 


i also like to make gifts.    

about me

for my friends:

for the trees:

even for strangers:

those last ones, i leave in the woods because the thought of someone stumbling upon them and getting just a little bit inspired makes me happy.

the thought of someone stumbling across this little website - and getting just a little bit inspired by me and my particular type of art - that makes me happy too. 


thanks for visiting.