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"i am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life." - elsie de wolfe

i'm suzanne, otherwise known as suzaluna.  i am a nature loving soul who loves to create & creates to live.  

i say this because i am always creating something.  ideas are constantly flowing through my mind, my hands ready to start transforming these ideas into reality the minute i am ready.

i have shared the above quote from elsie de wolfe because i feel these words very deeply.  there is so much in this world that causes us stress, anxiety & worry.  it is so easy to get lost in our fears that we can forget there is still so much beauty to be found.  as an artist, i want to fill the world with as much beauty as possible.

my story

i have been making art since i was a very young child.  my incredibly talented grandmother was my very first art teacher.  some of my earliest memories are of her art studio... if i close my eyes, i can still smell her oil paints & see her beautiful paintings stacked up against all of the walls.

making art is just one of my loves though.  music, tarot cards, the moon, astrology, animals, vegetarian cooking & being outside in mother nature are also some of my deepest loves.

i have created this website as a way of sharing some of my art & my loves with you.  if you have questions for me, please reach out,  i'd love to hear from you.

be sure to visit my three etsy shops to see all of my creations:

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i update my instagram page daily - check in with me @suzaluna

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