me:       suzanne pollack


phone:  978.535.1285


growing up in the 80s, i had friendship pins, a collection of my little ponies, lite brite, and of course, mix and match jelly shoes.  but there was one thing i desperately wished for:  something with my very own name on it.  a bracelet, a set of stickers, a mug...i'd even have settled for a toothbrush... 

i’d hold my breath as i twirled the circular rack to the S’s, hope blooming in my heart.  the sad truth is that it never happened, and i was left to curse my out of the ordinariness and wish my name was susan.


but now...i'm grown (mostly)...and i’m an artist.  and through art i’ve been able to grant that lost wish of mine to a whole new generation of uniquely named children. 


it all began with making gifts for my friends...which led to gifts for their partners, and then their kids, and then their dogs...


i made them with care, and personalized each and every one. smiles, hugs, and tail wagging happened. and then something else happened -  


friends of friends started to ask about my work. and then strangers.  and then shops. and that’s when my studio was born.


and because i know now that being out of the ordinary is not a bad thing,

and because the moon happens to be a friend of mine…


i gave my studio a name you’d still never find on that circular rack.   



to purchase suzaluna pottery, simply fill up a shopping cart here, and i'll get it where it needs to go.  (even if it's timbuktu). 

you can also find my line at any of the lovely shops below:

descenza diamonds - boston, hingham, peabody and framingham, ma - an elegant affair - winchester, ma - limited editions - newton, ma, kolbo - brookline, ma - valentine's - newburyport, ma - wave gallery - new canaan, ct - the back porch store - palm beach, fl - the nutshell, milton ma - hoofbeats - ny, ny - m.a. selbert - frankfort, ky - island child - hilton head, sc - the envelope please - boulder, co - lollipop kisses - plano, tx - remember me stationery - morristown, nj

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