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creatures of cuteness handmade out
of one woman’s love of the animals
and crazy cool socks!

once upon a time i had a horse-loving friend who’s birthday was quickly approaching. i was wearing a LOT of knee socks at the time and had several pairs that had worn out in the toes but the body of the socks were perfectly good! i decided to combine them with some other super cool recycled materials i had and made her a really funky stuffed animal horse. she LOVED this horse so much that I decided to keep making them and started calling them “zanimals” because my name is suzanne and i love animals. (makes sense, right??)

it’s been many, many years now since that first zanimal was created and it has brought me so much joy to know that these creatures are bringing happiness to animal lovers of all ages all over the world. and although sometimes it’s hard to part with one nothing makes me happier than seeing them bring smiles to anyone who picks them up and gives ’em a squeeze. and that makes it a little bit easier to let them go out into the world!

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