me:       suzanne pollack


phone:  978.535.1285


zanimals are my way of combining the three great loves of my life – art, animals, and kneesocks!  i make each and every cute, cuddly critter with a unique blend of colors, patterns and textures - and a lot of love.


which means that’s what you’ll feel when you hold one.  zanimals are the perfect gift for a new baby, or for a big kid who needs a special friend to make life feel a little sweeter, and safer.  small (and quiet) enough to travel in a backpack to school, summer camp or a new house, zanimals are made from both new and recycled, clean materials and are filled with 100% polyester fiberfill.  in other words, each one is super soft for optimal squeezing and cuddling.  some see the world through buttons, so if you are gifting to a baby, please be cautious - or - just ask me to use felt instead.   


because every zanimal is handmade in my studio, no two are the same, and that’s what makes them so special.  i puzzle over each one for hours, until it's just right.  sometimes (most times), after spending all that time with a zanimal, it feels like a friend of mine.  so if yours takes awhile to get to you, it probably means i needed some extra time to say goodbye...

buying a zanimal also helps other animal friends live happier lives!

10% of every purchase is donated to one of these animal aid organizations:


  • the animal rescue league

  • best friends animal society

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