me:       suzanne pollack


phone:  978.535.1285


children create with joy and abandon - two things that always make for a good party.    


celebrate your little artist with suzaluna!   


i'll help your child (and friends!) create an original work of art.  choose from a high quality ceramic pot, mug, or plate.  then choose what to paint:  flowers, puppies, rainbows, stars, david bowie (anyone? :).  or simply let your little picasso get inspired with his/her own design. 


no matter what they create, they're guaranteed to feel proud of it.   

(and if not......cake). 

after all the hard work, each piece goes home with me to get fired and glazed, and then they go home with you!  


you supply the party food, i'll supply the paint and supplies. 

parties can be held at a local art studio like tin bucket in reading, or somewhere even more local, like your dining room table.   

i also do parties for people who are over four feet tall. (joy, abandon, and wine). 

sunday brunch, wedding shower, date night, full mooon party  - whatever it is, it'll be better with art!