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memorial gifts
memorial gifts for loved ones
remember loved ones at christmas
gifts for loved ones

personalized gifts just got even
MORE personal…

there are few things as personal as handwriting. that’s why we tend to save things given to us with the handwriting of our loved ones on it – letters, birthday cards, recipes… and once these people pass away, often times these things are all we have left, besides our cherished memories. suzaluna can help these memories live on in a very unique and special way.

moonflower memories is a branch of suzaluna named for the moonflower plant whose essence is used as a remedy for those going through deep transformational experiences such as the loss of a loved one. once you’ve taken a photo of the handwriting you’d like put on pottery and emailed it to suzaluna, it will be carefully traced and transferred onto the pottery of your choice. then, suzaluna will use a very fine brush and black paint to paint over these words before glazing and firing, making your pottery food safe and ready to be enjoyed every day.

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