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art made by little people is made with so much imagination, concentration, and heart.

that’s why it’s so hard to throw away.  so most moms don’t…at least not right away…

but then the pile on the counter gets bigger, and the drawers get more cluttered, and one spring day a whole big bunch of cuteness makes it’s way….to the dpw.

some of my own drawings were rescued (thanks, mom), and became stationery that we’d use to send special notes to friends.  i still love sharing art with others, and that may be where it all began.

but i can do even better (no disrespect, mom).  i can take those first

little glimmers of creativity and preserve them in a piece of pottery that will last until your child’s first gallery opening.  (and in the meantime, be used to eat cake).  all you have to do is snap a picture of your child’s work and hit send.

have one made for your child – and show them that what they create is important.

have one made for your husband, or wife, or a grandparent, and dare them not to smile every time they use it.

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